<blockquote>Accutool is a leading manufacturer of precision standard and special fasteners and precision machined products. Complete end-to-end in-house machining capabilities.</blockquote> <blockquote>Adding value to our customer support resources is a tooling department that performs special fixture designs, component development, and production solutions.</blockquote> <blockquote>From solid modeling and CNC offline programming to complete Intranet CNC monitoring systems, Accutool is on the leading edge of manufacturing technology.</blockquote> <blockquote>Accutool standard or special fasteners offer structurally sound, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing solutions for joining of intricate parts manufactured to IFI standards.</blockquote> <blockquote>Water jet machine cutting has quickly become a viable manufacturing option for a growing number of customers for prototypes, one of a kind parts, and lot production.</blockquote> <blockquote>Accutool is continually increasing capabilities with the addition of new equipment and expanded facilities to meet the requirements our growing fabrication customer base.</blockquote> <blockquote>Accutool manufactures stainless steel metal fasteners to industry standards or your custom requirements with high precision and low lead times.  Put us to work for you.</blockquote>

World class and industry standard CNC services are our passion. We build your ideas

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As a manufacturer of specialty fasteners, machined components, and custom fabrications, our commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality is unmatched. -- John Murosky, President - AccuTool USA