CNC Machining Services


Accutool’s commitment to customers begins in design and engineering. From solid modeling and CNC offline programming to complete Intranet CNC monitoring systems, Accutool is on the leading edge of manufacturing technology.

Our knowledgeable staff utilizes state-of-the–art technology to provide you with custom CNC solutions. When necessary, we incorporate solid modeling with CNC programming to meet demanding close tolerance requirements. Every one of your jobs has a control plan to identify critical production criteria. Each of these plans is carefully monitored throughout the manufacturing process.

The majority of Accutool’s programming is accomplished off line, then scheduled and transferred to the appropriate machining center. All aspects of machining are monitored by Accutool’s Okuma America Supervisory Information System (OASIS) MacMan monitoring software. This system is designed to provide a timely flow of information on system performance, OASIS furnishes critical details on machine availability, operations, and vital parameters such as cutting time, setup time, and process problems. With this timely information, operating efficiency and productivity can be enhanced, and production problems avoided.

Accutool also designs and builds high quality specialized machining centers for many of its customers. These customized product specific machining centers are designed for customer applications to accelerate product output, thereby cutting costs.

CNC Manufacturing

Adding value to our customer support resources is a Tooling Department that performs special fixture designs, component development, production solutions, and specialized tooling.

Accutool’s Tool and Die Makers are among the most highly skilled production workers in the economy with over a century of experience combined. They are highly experienced in creating special fixtures, component development, productions solutions and specialized tooling that enable machines to manufacture a variety of products that we produce daily.

Toolmakers craft precision tools that are used to cut, shape, and form metal and other materials. They also produce jigs and fixtures (devices that hold metal while it is bored, stamped, or drilled) and gauges and other measuring devices. In addition to developing and producing new tools and dies, they may also repair our worn or damaged tools, dies, gauges, jigs, and fixtures.

By having services internally, we can provide fast turn around to orders regardless of quantity size. Accutool strives to have the capabilities to meet and exceed your needs.

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