Custom Metal Fabrication Services


The recent acquisition of the McDaniels Machinery Company not only increased Accutool’s CNC production capabilities, but also broadened its scope as a manufacturing resource with custom fabrication services. The majority of current fabrication projects at Accutool range from small to medium size structures. The larger of these projects are shipped in modules and assembled at the customer’s location.

Accutool is continually increasing capabilities with the addition of new equipment and expanded facilities to meet the technical and structural requirements of its rapidly growing fabrication customer base.

Accutool utilizes Mig, Tig, and a variety of stick welding.

We can do anything from small parts to large structures manufactured to our customer specifications and drawings. We can also provide CAD design when needed for fixturing and tooling applications. All of our raw materials can be traced back to original mill specifications and certification of those materials will be provided upon prior request from
our customers.

Our complete machining capabilities can provide the welded products AND machined to your specifications where applicable.

Please contact us using this handy form and tell us about your custom metal fabrication requirements.