Custom Specialty Fasteners


The name Accutool has quickly become synonymous with the manufacture of quality specialty fasteners, both domestically and throughout the world.

Special materials, custom designs and modifications of standard fasteners are Accutool specialties.

Accutool standard or special fasteners offer structurally sound, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing solutions for the joining of intricate parts.

These fasteners are manufactured to IFI standards or to your specific requirements.

Special materials, order sizes, or modifications of standards are our specialty.

In developing special fasteners for your special requirements, we utilize..

  • A fundamental knowledge of good joint design
  • A thorough understanding of the purpose, geometry, component parts, and loads involved with your particular assembly.

From design technology through production expertise, AccuTool manufactures to both IFI and metric standards. Attention to detail for industry specific fasteners, such as in the weight balancing of fasteners for the power generation industry, is an Accutool forte.

Accutool’s specialized fastener and component manufacturing business demands the highest level of product quality. Strict attention to both quality practices and quality systems throughout the entire production process affords Accutool quality performance that exceeds customer requirements.

Industries served by Accutool

  • Aerospace
  • Structural/Architectural
  • Transportation
  • Mechanical Drive
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial
  • Petrochemical
  • Powder Metal
  • Military
  • Marine

Types of Fasteners

  • Square/Hex head
  • Heavy Hex head
  • Hex Flange
  • Flange 12 point
  • Round Head
  • Plow Head
  • Track Bolt
  • Forged Eye Bolt
  • Slotted Head
  • Weld Studs
  • Square/Hex Nuts
  • Hex Flange Nuts
  • Hex Coupling Nuts
  • Track Bolt Nuts
  • Machined Screw Nuts
  • Wing Nuts
  • Structural Bolting
  • Locking Fasteners
  • Socket Head Screw
  • Socket Set Screw
  • Machined Screws
  • Washers
  • Machined Pins
  • Special Customer Requests