Water Jet Metal Cutting Services


Water Jet technology is another unique manufacturing service offered by Accutool.

With our water jet cutting machines, we can cut virtually any material up to four inches thick into any design shape within five thousandths of an inch tolerance.

Accutool water jet systems have quickly become a viable manufacturing option for a growing number of customers for prototypes, one of a kind parts, and lot production.

Accutool utilizes waterjet technology which does not cause bitrification on metal projects due to the fact there is no heat generated during the manufacturing process. Water is presented through a diamond orifice which is .040 in diameter and pressurized to over 44,000 psi.

The water is injected with an 80 grit silicon based garnet. This process can cut through hardened steel over 3 inches thick, is computer controlled, creates a surface finish nearing 40 RMS and tolerancing to about .005 depending on the thickness of the material.

We have successfully cut all kinds of base materials including glass, fiberglass, plastic, wood, rubber and of course steel whether it is hardened or not with amazing results.